KRZYSZTOF POPEK is a leading Polish jazz flute player topping the jazz rankings of the Jazz Forum monthly (The European Jazz Magazine) for many years.

He started off as a jazz musician at Jazz Juniors ’82 and Jazz Nad Odra ’85 festivals winning individual awards at both. He plays the soprano and alto flute. Besides, he is a composer, arranger and inspirational leader of his numerous bands of which Young Power stands out as the most renowned and popular.

The album “Letters and Leaves” also proved to be a success.

It was recorded by KRZYSZTOF POPEK QUINTET and was nominated for the Polish Grammy Award – Fryderyk ’96 and came second in Jazz Forum’s Album of the Year ’96 ranking.                                              

In 2005 he recorded important "House of Jade" with a magnificent American rhythm section: Victor Lewis, David Friesen and Randy Porter.  

 " Popek is a precise player with beautiful technique ..."  Elliot Simon, November 2006,


In 2006 "You Are In My Heart " with Joe LaBarbera, David Friesen, Randy Porter and Piotr Wojtasik and in 2007 together with Victor Lewis, Cameron Brown, Stephen Scott and  Piotr Wojtasik - Estate.

Now, he plays and records with INTERNATIONAL QUINTET with Kirk Lightsey, Stephen Scott, Cameron Brown, Victor Lewis, Joe La Barbera, David Friesen, Randy Porter, Ed Schuller, Jasper van't Hof, John Betsch, Piotr Wojtasik and Piotr Baron.

He has performed in major clubs in Europe, and also at such festivals as Warsaw Jazz Summer, Jazz Jamboree, Molde International Jazz Festival, Göttinger Jazzfestival, Leverkusener Jazz Tage, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Berlin Jazz Tage, Stockholm Jazz and Blues All Stars Festival and many others. In 1997 Krzysztof Popek and his Quintet performed in Bonn, Germany to celebrate Poland’s accession to NATO.

The most important prizes:  

Every year since 1988 (also in 2019) Krzysztof Popek has been awarded the Flute Player of the Year ( Jazz Forum -The European Jazz Magazine ) 

1987 – Krzysztof Popek awarded the  Musician of the Year(Jazz Forum - The European Jazz Magazine) 

1987 – Young Power (Krzysztof Popek’s big band ) awarded the Big Band of the Year (Jazz Forum - The European Jazz Magazine) 

1988 – Krzysztof Popek awarded the  Musician of the Year (Jazz Forum - The European Jazz Magazine) 

1988 – Krzysztof Popek awarded the  Arranger of the Year (Jazz Forum - The European Jazz Magazine) 

1988 – Young Power  ( Krzysztof Popek’s big band  ) awarded the Band of the Year  

1996 -  Krzysztof Popek Quintet’s “Letters & Leaves"  Album of the Year (Jazz Forum - The European Jazz  Magazine) 

1996 -  Krzysztof Popek Quintet’s  “Letters & Leaves" was nominated for the Polish Grammy Award – Fryderyk